Chubu Office (Factory)


中部事業所 愛知工場風景1

We have accumulated technology and know-how since bedding manufacturing began in 1963 and are proud of high quality.

Since a license and technical assistance agreement with Sealy U.S. in 1985 was entered into, we have developed and manufactured bedding products for residence and hotels for 30 years.

Our factory with land of 15,335m2 or 165,065ft2, which is located in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture, has machinery including coil machines, quilt machines, and tape edge machines. All manufacturing processes from spring to sewing and assenbly are covered at the factory.
We manufacture 450 to 600 units per day and always seek quality management with machinery such as quality evaluating equipment, loading testing equipment, roller testing equipment, and unit loading testing equipment.

We strive for continuous technology improvement and product development to provide products of value and high quality under experience and know-how over 50 years.

We also manufacture exclusive models of mattresses for Nitori Co., Ltd.